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If you've never believed in a canopy that one person can set up, it's time to start believing. With Undercover Canopy's breakthrough technology, you can set up their pop up tents all by yourself. See a full selection of Undercover Tents here: http://www.ecanopy.com/undercover-canopies.html.

Forget pulling your tent legs into place and then fighting with pinch in place fittings. Undercover Canopy makes their canopies easier to set up with a ""U-Push"" technology. U Push fittings just need to be pushed into the proper place and then they will hold your legs in place, making setting up and breaking down even easier.

And that's just one of the places that Undercover is revolutionizing the pop-up canopy industry. They've improved everything from how canopy tops fit to the frame to how canopy bags work. Investing in an Undercover canopy is an improvement on your canopy experience.